Asian Spa - Massage Therapists | Lowell, MA
body massage

Walk-ins welcome! Stop in to get a full body treatment in our brand new spa.

635 Rogers St.

Suite #11

• $50 for 30 minutes

• $60 for 60 minutes

• $90 for 90 minutes


If you're in pain, then you deserve a rejuvenating, healing massage session from the expert therapists at Asian Spa in Lowell.

Relaxing Full Body Work

  • Work injuries

  • Tension

  • Sports injuries

  • Daily living

Varied Modalities for Your Benefit

Whether you just need a little adjustment or a more dedicated treatment, you'll get a massage that works the best for your specific needs. From a light touch, to something deeper, your full body work will always deliver the healing that your pain demands.

Relieve Your Pain Today

Feel more energized and rejuvenated in as little as 30 minutes.